A downloadable lawn sport for Windows

Croquet Simulator VR is an exciting new way to experience golf croquet from the comfort of your home. Our game takes place in Croquette, a dainty little English village nestled deep in the Mallet mountains full of citizens who love nothing more than a good round of lawn sports. To play croquet, simply knock both blue and red croquet balls through the designated wickets on each course to complete each level. Strategically roquet your croquet balls by knocking them together to reduce your stroke count along the way. As with any perfect simulation, Croquet Simulator VR is not without its unexpected lifelike hazards: beware feral chickens and gravity wells as you line up your perfect shot down the pitch.

This project requires a VR Headset and Controllers! If you run into any issues running this project on your headset, let us know which device you are using in the comments below and we'll try to rectify it! Controls are in the README.md file included in the.zip


Final project completed for CPS643 Virtual Reality at Ryerson University (Department of Computer Science), April 2022.

Developed by Tyson Moll and Liam Iles in Unity 2021 with VRTK v4 (Virtual Reality Tool Kit)

The complete project outline as well as any additional acknowledgements can be found in the included 'README.md' file.

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then run the .exe file to start! 

You must have VR equipment to run this project. If you do not, it probably will not work and you will be stuck at a frozen screen.


CroquetSimulatorVR_1.0.zip 168 MB

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