Conway's famous non-player game, with a few fun features and controls. 

  1. Any live cell with two or three live neighbors survives.
  2. Any dead cell with three live neighbors becomes a live cell.
  3. All other live cells die in the next generation. Similarly, all other dead cells stay dead.

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  • Clicking the cells will add a new living cell.
  • 'Pause' the simulation to draw on it, or click the +1 to advance by one frame.
  • 'Clear' will wipe the board if you want to doodle.
  • 'Resize on Respawn' can be unchecked to maintain your drawing as you experiment with scale. Note that cells are erased when they exceeds the window boundary.
  • You can turn on the grid if you'd like!
  • Mirror Mode offer several mirrored views. You can draw a triptych when paused in this mode and see what happens! Keep in mind that the full grid still exists; the top-left quadrant is targeted for the mirroring.
  • Adjusting 'Cell Age' will visually show how old cells are in the simulation. At the peak age, they maintain their new colour. 'Age Style' adjusts how colours are rendered as cells age over time.

Be warned: the smaller the size of the cells / the bigger the resolution of the screen, the more taxing this will be on your processor. Even if it's lagging, it should still be responsive, albeit slow.

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